A Pareto-based Symbiotic Relationships Model for Unconstrained Continuous Optimization
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A Novel Context-Free Grammar to Guide the Construction of Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithms
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Tree-based Grammar Genetic Programming to Evolve Particle Swarm Algorithms
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Clustering miRNA Sequences Using a Modified Minimum Spanning Tree Based Algorithm
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Metaheuristic Design Pattern: Visitor for Genetic Operators
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Pixel clustering for face recognition
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Allocation of Volunteers in Non-Governmental Organizations Aided by Non-Supervised Learning
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Efficient Minimal Learning Machines with Reject Option
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No-Reference Image Quality Assessment Using Texture Information Banks
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Hyper-parameter Tuning of a Decision Tree Induction Algorithm
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Estimating the Number of Clusters Based on Sequential Clustering Algorithms
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(Deep) Learning from Frames
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Data Clustering Using Group Search Optimization with Alternative Fitness Functions
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First-Order Logic for Decision Problems with Preference Aggregation
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Solving Atomix with Pattern Databases
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Knowledge Representation for Argumentation in Agent-Oriented Programming Languages
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Using Preferences over Sources of Information in Argumentation-Based Reasoning
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An Accurate Gaussian Process-Based Early Warning System for Dengue Fever
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Object-Oriented Reinforcement Learning in Cooperative Multiagent Domains
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Using the Causal Graph to enhance Translations to solve Contingent Planning Problems
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Allocating Social Goals Using the Contract Net Protocol in Online Multi-Agent Planning
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A method for automatic determination of the feature vector size for text categorization
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Random Walk in Feature-Sample Networks for Semi-Supervised Classification
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A Dynamic Hand Gesture Recognition System to Translate Between Sign Languages
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Evaluating the Impact of Reputation-based Agents in Social Coalition Formation
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Discriminating beetwen Brazilian and European Portuguese National Varieties on Twitter Texts
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Automatic Identification of Security Risks in Edicts for Software Procurement
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BaNHFaP: A Bayesian Network based Failure Prediction Approach for Hard Disk Drives
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Reasoning about Trust and Belief in Possibilistic Answer Set Programming
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Topic Modeling for Short Texts with Co-occurrence Frequency-based Expansion
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Adaptive Operator Selection in NSGA-III
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Multiagent Circumnavigation by Reactive Descentralized Algorithm
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Preserving Context between Classification Evaluation and Data Exploration with RadViz
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Anomaly Detection Under Cost Constraint
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An Unsupervised Particle Swarm Optimization Approach for Opinion Clustering
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Extreme Risk Averse Policy for Goal-Directed Risk-Sensitive Markov Decision Process
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Image-Set Matching by Two Dimensional Generalized Mutual Subspace Method
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An agent-based advanced driver assistance systems to reduce the risk of rollover in curve for heavy-duty vehicles
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Tabu Search with Ejection Chain for the Biobjective Adjacent-only Quadratic Spanning Tree
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Image Classification Using Sum-Product Networks for Autonomous Flight of Micro Aerial Vehicles
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Ensembles with clustering-and-selection model using evolutionary algorithms
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Building ensembles with classifier selection using self-organising maps
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Automated Left Ventricle Posterior Wall Segmentation Using Kohonen Self-Organizing Map
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A Meta-Learning Method to Select Under-Sampling Algorithms for Imbalanced Data Sets
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Transforming Multi-Agent Planning Into Single-Agent Planning Using Best-cost Strategy
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Novelty Detection Based on Genuine Normal and Artificially Generated Novelty Examples
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Time series imputation using genetic programming and Lagrange interpolation
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A Comparative Study of Group Profiling Techniques in Co-Authorship Networks
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On Validation Setup for Multiclass Imbalanced Data Sets
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A hybrid strategy to evolve cellular automata rules with a desired dynamical behavior applied to the task scheduling problem
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ASAClu: Selecting diverse and relevant clusters
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A module-based approach for evaluating differential genome-wide expression profiles
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The Role of Discount Factor in Risk-Sensitive Markov Decision Processes
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Automatic selection of learning bias for active sampling
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Finding Inference Rules using Graph Mining in Ontological Knowledge Bases
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Multi-class Emotions classification by Sentic Levels as features in Sentiment Analysis
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Evaluating Binary Encoding Techniques for WiSARD
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Exploring unsupervised features in Conditional Random Fields for Spanish Named Entity Recognition
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A Voronoi Diagram Based Classifier for Multiclass Imbalanced Data Sets
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Musical Scales Recognition via Deterministic Walk in a Graph
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Investigating How ?Good? Characteristics? Presence are Related with Questions? Performance
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Determining the Structure of Decision Directed Acyclic Graphs for Multiclass Classification Problems
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Fusion Approaches of Feature Selection Algorithms for Classification Problems
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A Coral Reefs Optimization Algorithm for Cluster Ensembles Optimization
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Investigating selection strategies in multi-objective probabilistic model based algorithms
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Many-objective Evolutionary Algorithms for Multicast Routing with Quality of Service
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