Quick Facts List about Brazil

Brazil is beautiful place stereotyped as the home of Pel, Ronaldo, Samba, Capoeira and Favelas.
Apart from being a 5 time champion of FIFA's world cup, here is a little quick facts list to broaden your perspective of our huge but not very known country. Now a little about our problems:
Because of the country's size, brazilians are megalomaniacs :) (evidence in the previous facts on this page)
However, with all that wealth and food production, part of our population starve...
Our goverment and business men are rich (and most of them are corrupt too), but the majority of population is poor.
We have a lot of social issues. Most people from our middle class just talk about the good stuff when they talk to foreigners. But I prefer not to pretend to be blind about our social reality.
We are far from an even distribution of wealth, which causes a huge problem that is far away from being fixed.